National Geographic HEMBI MIT Wildlife Critter Cam Video

Friday, September 25, 2009

National Geographic HEMBI MIT Wildlife Critter Cam Video

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National Geographic MIT HEMBI [Human Environment Mobile Based Interactions] Critter Cam Video Records Wildlife First Hand

National Geographic Critter Cam records wildlife first hand

National Geographic came to MIT for the HEMBI or Human Environment Mobile Based Interactions workshop and showed off their Critter Cam.

Greg Marshall, National Geographic

Crittercam: Can You See Me Now?

“Crittercam” is an animal-borne imaging and data logging tool that was invented to explore and study cryptic behavior of marine and terrestrial species. For more than twenty years researchers have used this remote imaging concept in studies of more than 60 species (from emperor penguins to blue whales) and have documented unique and sometimes extraordinary natural events from the perspective of wild, free-ranging animals. The conservation impacts of some of the discoveries we’ve made have been significant. For all that, we’ve barely scratched the surface of the potential of this emerging field of research. Virtually every Crittercam deployment raises as many questions as it solves. Many aspects of the behavior and ecology of little known species remain mysterious due to a lack of tools for unobtrusive direct observation. I will explore the opportunities and challenges facing this growing field in the context of past, present and future technologies, research and conservation imperatives, as well as the encroaching ethical dilemma of capturing a wild point of view of human-environment mobile based interactions from the back of charismatic megafauna.


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