Homelessness is Not Contagious Homelessness is a Disease We Can Cure

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Homelessness is Not Contagious Homelessness is a Disease We Can Cure

by Mich De 0 comments

Homelessness is Not Contagious as some would say. Homelessness is a Disease We Can Cure on the other hand. There is no face of homelessness in the world only because it is blind. The World Widelife Foundation [WWF] used the theme of being homeless in and advertising campaign and it speaks volumes. WWF Homeless Memories in New Media Video and Image.

An Artistic Elephant Makes a Statement:

We won’t let animals live like this, why do we let humans?

Polar Bears Need Snow Not Steam:

If this was a person would you be as sad? How often do we walk by them?

The subject matter is metaphorical in nature and I see a dual meaning. Why would you be shocked at these when its animals, yet treat human homeless worse than animals. Homelessness is not a disease you can catch by association only by accident. Nobody plans to be homeless be it an animal or a person. We have the power to help, even if only with a smile. It costs nothing to be nice, why not in the words of another famous ad “Just Do It” you will feel better after.

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