New Media Marketing Concepts for Business Advertising Demographically

Sunday, August 30, 2009

New Media Marketing Concepts for Business Advertising Demographically

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Facebook MyMpace and StumbleUpon Advertising Information Guide. New Media Marketing Concepts for Business Advertising Demographically.

FaceBook Advertising Platform and the Facebook Lexicon Search

Reach your exact audience and connect real customers to your business.

Connect with Real People. Reach over 200,000,000 active Facebook users. Attach social actions to your ads to increase relevance. Create demand for your product with relevant ads.
Create Your Facebook Ad. Quickly create image and text-based ads. Precisely target by age, gender, location, and more. Choose to pay per click (CPC) or impression (CPM).
Optimize Your Ads. Track your progress with real-time reporting. Gain insight about who’s clicking on your ad. Make modifications to maximize your results.

Facebook Lexicon

Find out what people are saying on Facebook.

How Does It Work? We count the number of occurrences of terms across profile, group and event Walls every day. All the information is aggregated so it is never tied to a specific person. This gives you the ability to hear the diverse voices of Facebook while maintaining users’ privacy.
Customize Your Query. You can view results in multiple ways, giving you greater control over how you analyze your data. View by number of posts or percentage of total posts, gender, age, and even geographic location.
Enhance Your Query. Lexicon graphs are a powerful way to understand the trends in what people are talking about. We’ve introduced a number of new ways to play with the data. Use the tabs at the top to explore different trends in a given topic.

Pay per click banner ads on MySpace

bg login youradhere Social Media Marketing for Affiliates and Business Advertising
Affordable pay per click advertising for Large and Small Businesses, Affiliate Marketers, Music Bands, Comedians
Your ads can reach:
  • 2.9 Million Sports Fans
  • 9.4 Million College Students
  • 4.2 Million Fitness Buffs
  • 13.5 Million Movie Lovers
  • 3.5 Million Book Readers
  • 90 Thousand Expecting Moms

Targeted Advertising for Any Size Business

With MySpace’s exclusive targeting you can advertise to over 80 million U.S. users or pinpoint a niche group based on their hobbies, interests, age, gender and location.
How It Works:Create an ad using a free template or upload your own ad. Send people who click on your ad to your website or MySpace profile. Choose who sees your ad by gender, age, location, hobbies, and interests. Monitor the ad performance with free reports .
Pricing: You control how much to spend by setting a daily budget limit and a pay per click bid amount. You only pay when someone clicks your ad up to the budget limit. The budget and pay per click amounts can be changed at anytime.

StumbleUpon Advertising Brings people directly to your site

No matter what size web site, we show your page directly to interested web surfers. Target the exact audience you want. No clickthrough required. Get valuable feedback from interested users. StumbleUpon helps web surfers discover your site
ads promo1 Social Media Marketing for Affiliates and Business Advertising
StumbleUpon brings users directly to the page you specify
ads promo2 Social Media Marketing for Affiliates and Business Advertising
Target visitors based on their personal interests, location and more
ads promo3 Social Media Marketing for Affiliates and Business Advertising
See how many people rated your content thumbs-up or thumbs-down
Official Information via:  Facebook Advertising [link] / Lexicon [link], Myspace Advertising [link] and StumbleUpon Advertising [link]. Affiliate 4 Free Tagged as: Affiliate, Advertising, Marketing, Media, Social
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